Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery aims to increase the volume of the breasts in accordance with the patient's wishes and body characteristics.

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation operation is an aesthetic operation that enables enlarging and shaping the breasts by using prostheses specially produced for breasts. Breast prostheses can be placed under the breast tissue or chest muscles. There are breast prostheses in different types, sizes, shapes and tissues. Thanks to the 3D simulation application, it is possible to predict how the patient's breasts will look after the surgery. Another operation performed within the scope of breast augmentation is the fat transfer that can be made to suitable patients.

Breast augmentation before and after photos showcase the transformative effects and outcomes of this cosmetic surgery.

Who is a good candidate for breast augmentation?

- Size and Shape: Patients who are worried that their breasts are not big enough even though they have completed their growth, think that they are incompatible with their body, or unhappy with the shape, are suitable patients for breast augmentation.
- Health and Development: In order to undergo a breast augmentation surgery, the patient must first have completed the growth of the breasts. For this, the patient must be over the age of 18. But most importantly, the patient's overall health should be good and aware of the needs of the process.
- Realistic Expectations: The satisfaction with the operation depends not only on the success of the operation, but also on the expectations of the patient. The patient must fully understand the change she will achieve at the end of the operation. At this point, it is very important to explain the limits and freedoms of change in the examination process.

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What to expect from breast augmentation?

With breast augmentation surgery, it is aimed to increase the volume of the breasts in accordance with the wishes and body features of the patient. With the breast augmentation operation, the shape of the breasts can be changed, the size, shape differences and other asymmetries between the two breasts can be eliminated. The distance between the two nipples can be adjusted to the optimal size. After a successful breast augmentation surgery, the patient may feel more peaceful, satisfied and more confident about his body.

Breast Augmentation in Turkey

Breast augmentation surgery is performed under general anesthesia. It is an operation that takes approximately 45 minutes. In the breast augmentation procedure with the prosthesis, the incision is placed under the full breast or around the nipple area, thereby ensuring that there is no uncomfortable scar left after the healing process. Another alternative for breast augmentation is fat transfer. In this method, we inject the fat from the areas with excess fat in the breast area. After the fat transfer, the patient can go home in the same evening without discharge, but if needed, the patient can be hospitalized one day at the hospital.

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What should be done before breast augmentation surgery?

- Research: For an efficient inspection, a little research on procedures or plastic surgery can be very useful. In this way, the patient can explain his wishes and expectations more easily, so that he can get the closest result from the operation.
- Consultation: The first meeting to be held with the plastic surgeon is the first step to determine the needs and desires of the patient and to create a treatment plan. In this inspection, it is aimed to remove all the question marks in the mind of the patient and make the necessary simulations.
- Preparation: Drugs written by the doctor for the operation should be obtained in advance. Since the patient cannot continue his social life for at least a few days after the operation, she must prepare herself for this situation, suspend some work and consider some activities that will help her pass the time.
- Medicines: It is important that aspirin and other blood-thinning medications are stopped before the operation. It is necessary for the patient to declare the medicines and nutritional supplements used during the examination in order to stop its use during the preparation for the operation. Smoking must be stopped 2 weeks before the operation.
- Support: Since general anesthesia will be taken, it is inconvenient for the patient to drive a car immediately after the operation. Similarly, the patient may need a companion during the rest period. In this case, the patient should be with a companion who can help her for a while after the operation and get support.
- Planning: Since the patient will make a sacrifice from his business and social life for a few days after the operation, he should make the necessary plans by making the necessary arrangements before and after the operation.

What precautions should be follow after the procedure?

- Medicines: The drugs written by the doctor to be used in the healing process must be taken as described. In addition to pain medications, antibiotics and swelling-reducing medications can be prescribed.

- Activity: Although the patient can return to his social life within 3-4 days after the operation, it is not okay to do exercises for about 1 month. It is appropriate for the patient to return to the normal exercise regime may take approximately 6 weeks.
- Bra: It is inconvenient to use underwire bras in the first 6 weeks after breast augmentation. It is both comfortable and safe to use a sports bra in this process where the tissue is healed.
- Nutrition: Balanced and healthy nutrition is important in the post-operative period in order for tissue healing to take place quickly and effectively. Generally, there is no restriction on eating and drinking.
- Attention: No anti-inflammatory drugs, including aspirin, should be used until at least 2 weeks after the operation, and no smoking should be used in this process, as this will significantly affect the healing process.
- Observation: If temperature or redness is noticed in the breast or if the patient has a fever, this may be a sign of infection. When chest pain, shortness of breath or signs of infection appear, they should be contacted immediately.

Healing Process After Breast Augmentation

Swelling and pain are normal after breast augmentation surgery. Also bruising can be seen. Pain will be controlled with painkillers. Surgical scars are removed step by step over time; but they never disappear completely. If the incisions are exactly under the breast or in the region where the color transition is around the nipple, the marks become more and more faint over the time and hardly noticed. The first 1-3 weeks may cause some fatigue due to the anesthesia and the effect of the healing process, as well as tension and pressure in the breasts.

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One week after surgery, the incision sites are examined and sutures are removed during the control examination. Some leakage may occur from the incision areas for the first few days. The length of the healing process depends on the patient's structural features, the technique used for the operation, the extent to which it fits after the operation, and many other factors. One of the most important points in terms of the duration and quality of recovery is to stay away from cigarettes and other tobacco products. The use of tobacco significantly affects the healing process. It is very important for the patient to contact his doctor who performs the operation at any point he deems necessary during the recovery process, in order to prevent any complications that may occur.

The breast augmentation recovery stages typically involve immediate post-operative care, followed by a healing phase, and finally, the stage where patients can enjoy the full results of the procedure.

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