Profile Plasty

The aim of the profile plasty is; to create a more beautiful, more harmonious and more meaningful expression.

What is Profiloplasty?

It is the correction of all the organs like nose, chin, lips and forehead forming on the face profile, in order to become compatible and meaningful with each other. This correction consists of a series of operations or medical applications to make correct nose, jaw, lips, forehead and cheekbones. In this point of operations or applications, doctors meet patients requests with a detailed examination.

In operations or applications of profiloplasty, in addition to patient’s requests, the result of detailed examination is also important in order to form the golden ratio and can give more realistic results and possibilities for nose, chin, forehead and cheekbones.

Consider cosmetic procedures if you're looking to fix your side profile and enhance your facial balance and aesthetics.

How to Decide for Prophiloplasty?

The most important factors to enable the face to match the golden ratio is the forehead-nose-chin triangle which is approximately 1/3 close to each other. If this ratio on the patient's face deviates too much, prophiloplasty can be considered.

A concave side profile is characterized by a noticeable indentation or hollowing in the facial features, typically seen in areas such as the nose or chin, and can be addressed through cosmetic procedures to achieve a more desired contour.

However, the patient's self-diagnosis is not sufficient at this point. A doctor's examination is required for this procedure, which covers various procedures. Often, patients who are already planning to undergo an operation from a region such as the nose, chin or cheekbone, are advised by the doctor to have extra procedures within the prophiloplasty if there is a conflict of the total look. One or more of these procedures can be performed in a combined manner, in order to make the entire face proportionally compatible, especially for the patients who are planned to have a rhinoplasty surgery.

What can be done within the scope of Profile Plasty?

Within the scope of side profile surgery, different operations can be performed such as filing the tip of the jaw during surgery, placing the pieces taken from the nose to the tip of the lower jaw, and supporting the required areas with the filling material. While it is especially advantageous to use the patient's own tissue, a more natural, aesthetic and harmonic result is obtained with the procedures performed. Other types of aesthetic surgery that may be required during the prophiloplasty surgery, depending on the situation, are:

- Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty)
- Maxillofacial Surgery (Mentoplasty)
- Aesthetic Filling
- Endoscopic Eyebrow Lift
- Eyelid Aesthetics (Blepharoplasty)
- Forehead and Cheekbones Surgery

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Surgeries within the scope of Profile Plasty


Nose aesthetic surgery is the most important and priority operation within the scope of prophiloplasty because it is in the middle of the face. The nose is a key and the central part for the golden ratio of cheekbones forehead, chin and eyebrow. The procedure should be completed by reshaping other operations according to the nose aesthetics.

Aesthetic Filling

One of the aesthetic procedures applied within the prophiloplasty surgery is the aesthetic filling procedures. It is a process that can be applied primarily because it is a simple procedure that is applied without cutting and does not affect the healing process. It is possible to fill the chin tip, cheekbones, temples and forehead with the filling material and place a golden ratio on the patient's face.

Endoscopic Eyebrow Lift

Endoscopic eyebrow lifting is a rapid operation that can be performed within prophiloplasty so that the beginning and end of the eyebrow are proportional to the face. Endoscopic eyebrow lift is performed under general anesthesia with small incisions made into the hair area without any risk of scarring or bleeding. It is frequently preferred as a complementary application in prophiloplasty surgery.

Eyelid Aesthetics (Blepharoplasty)

Skin excesses, sagging and bagging in the upper and lower eyelid, which lead to aesthetic impairment on the patient's face profile, can be regulated by blepharoplasty, and a tense and vigorous appearance can be provided in the area without scarring. This procedure can be performed under local or general anesthesia depending on the patient's preference.

Jaw Tip Surgery (Mentoplasty)

An aesthetic chin tip is another important factor that adds strength to the patient's profile image. A small and shorter chin tip may cause the patient's nose to be detected long and large, and a small chin tip may be perceived as the patient has double chin. In this case, the jaw tip can be enlarged or lengthened by inserting the implants made of special substances or by injecting the patient's own tissue. This tissue can be obtained from the areas with fat tissue such as abdomen and hips.

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Can Profile Plasty Surgery Have Problems?

Side profile sculpting is not always as simple as described. For support during surgery also use tissue transfers or synthetic implants, fillings from other parts of the body. may be required. Sometimes heavy jaw surgeries may be necessary. But here the important thing is that every stage of preparation before surgery and what to do pre-determined and shared directly with the patient. During surgery without the patient's knowledge it is not decided. An application that the patient does not want cannot be done.


Who can perform Profile plasty?

The main objective of profile plasty surgery is to ensure that the nose, jaw and to create a beautiful profile and thus a beautiful and meaningful face. 18 years It can be done to all patients who want to make peace with their face. However, the patient Any existing disease that will overlap should be discussed in advance and your medical history It should be evaluated. Drugs used regularly are also important.

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