Chin Implant

Jaw prosthesis surgery is a preferred aesthetic operation to enlarge the jaw which is smaller in structure and proportion in the face area.

What is Chin Implant Surgery?

The jaw prosthesis surgery is an aesthetic operation preferred to enlarge the chin, which is smaller in structure and proportion in the face area, and to decrease the appearance of the food. The necessity of this surgery is determined by making radiological and visual analyzes. Medpor prosthesis are the most preferred for surgery, which are silicone or fully compatible with the human body, do not cause an allergic reaction and have a lower risk of rejection by the body.

What are the necessary criteria for Chin Implant?

The patient who wants to have a jaw prosthesis must have completed the development of the jaw bone. Therefore, the age limit for the procedure should be a minimum of 18. In addition, the patient should not have orthodontic problems. If there is a planned orthodontic treatment, it is appropriate to plan the operation only after the treatment, when the patient's jaw closure is appropriate.

How is chin implant surgery done?

Maxillofacial surgery is a process in which the implant is inserted through an incision made through the mouth which is selected as a result of a doctor's examination according to the needs of the patient. In prophiloplasty, jaw prosthetics can be combined with nose operations. Jaw replacement surgery is performed under general or local anesthesia and the operation takes about 1 hour.

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How is the healing process?

The postoperative recovery process in jaw replacement surgery differs depending on the method used for surgery. Patients who only have a jaw prosthesis are usually hospitalized one day in the hospital. However, if a combined surgery was performed, this period may be longer depending on the general condition of the patient. The numbness on the lower lip and chin area after the operation will disappear in the following days and also over time.

Self-absorbed sutures fall in the mouth within 7-10 days. It is normal to have mild swelling and edema in the jaw, of course this will gradually decrease over time. Antibiotics and painkillers are initiated against the risk of infection after prosthetic surgery. It is necessary to stay away from heavy activities and an active lifestyle after surgery. Alcohol and cigarettes are strictly not recommended. After the surgery, special tapes should be used to keep the jaw prosthesis fixed until the swelling and edema pass

Is there a scar after surgery?

In the jaw prosthesis surgery, the prosthesis is inserted into the pocket created in the jaw through an oral incision. When viewed from the outside, there is no visible scar. In patients with a condition that prevents the incision from being made through the mouth, the incision is made externally and under the chin. This incision can leave an indeterminate mark that is not visible when viewed from the outside and does not cause an aesthetic concern.

What Should Be Considered Before Chin Implant Surgery?

Since smoking increases the risk of postoperative infection and delays the healing process, patients are recommended to quit smoking at least 3 weeks before.Aspirin and its derivatives drugs should be discontinued one week before the operation .

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What are the advantages?

Placement of permanent jaw prosthesis compared to temporary fillings provides a stronger and stable jaw appearance. Unlike filling, this operation is a life-long process that does not require repetition. This operation can be performed in combination with aesthetic surgeries such as rhinoplasty surgery. In this way, it is possible to obtain a proportional profile within the framework of profiloplasty. There are many implant options suitable for each patient's jaw shape and structure. For this reason, it is easier to choose the most suitable jaw implant for the patient.


An important issue that should be considered is that for some patients, different surgical options can be preferred. If a jaw formation is extremely weak or if the chin functionality is not normal, the jaw bone is considered to be a more suitable option. This type of operation is only performed by cutting the patient's own jawbone. Although, of course, there is a much longer process of healing, in some special cases, the results that are not possible with a chin implant can only be achieved with such an operation. This subject will be evaluated together with the aesthetic surgeon. Processes are different. It is important to inform the patient in detail and prepare for operation.

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