Breast Lift

Breast lift; It is an operation performed for breasts that lose their former condition due to age and time, frequent weight gain, giving birth, breastfeeding.

Why Choose?

Sagging breast surgery, also known as breast lift or mastopexy, is a cosmetic procedure designed to lift and reshape breasts that have lost their firmness and youthful appearance.

Breast lift operation (Mastopexy) is preferred because of breast sagging over time. There is no muscle in the structure of the breasts. It consists entirely of fat and milk glands. chest tissue age and gravity over time, aging, frequent weight gain, birth, breastfeeding, the use of the wrong bra for reasons such as the former loses its fresh and upright state. The breasts are emptied and the skin is abundant. Aesthetically uneasy women causes. This is primarily women breast-lift operation It directs. No massage, cream or application will restore the breasts.

A breast lift with no implant is a surgical technique used to elevate and reshape the breasts without the addition of silicone or saline implants, resulting in a more natural appearance.

The scarless breast lift, also known as a non-surgical breast lift, offers a minimally invasive alternative to traditional surgical procedures for achieving firmer and lifted breasts without visible scarring.

Breast lift with fat transfer is a cosmetic surgery technique that combines breast lifting and natural breast augmentation by using the patient's own fat to achieve a fuller and more youthful breast appearance.

How is breast lift surgery decided?

When deciding on breast lift surgery, first of all, the patient's aesthetic concerns, and then the location of the chest and the amount of breast tissue are taken into consideration. With the expectations and wishes of the patient about her own breasts, an operation decision is made according to the inspection.

Many women consider breast lift before and after photos as a helpful reference when contemplating cosmetic surgery.

What should be done before breast lift surgery?

Before breast surgery, breast ultrasonography in patients under 40 years of age, mammography examinations in patients over 40 are requested. The patient should arrange a companion to be with her on the day of surgery and after. It is very important that the patient informs her doctor about the medications she is constantly using and does not stop these medications without consulting his doctor.

Smoking cessation prior to surgery and not smoking after surgery is critical for prolonging the healing process. On the day of surgery, it is necessary to come to the hospital with comfortable clothes, without nail polish and make-up, to be left to eat and drink 6 hours before the operation and to be ready at the hospital about an hour before the operation.

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How is a breast lift performed?

Breast uplift surgery is performed with general anesthesia. The duration of surgery can vary from 2-4 hours. The techniques used in this period and the things to be done will vary due to the different. Breast augmentation or breast reduction can also be applied. If the sagging is mild and the amount of mammary gland is found to be appropriate, the breast can be made fuller and erect with the silicone breast prosthesis placed under the mammary gland. If sagging is too much and the amount of mammary gland is sufficient, recovery can be performed similar to breast reduction. If sagging is excessive and the amount of mammary gland is insufficient, a silicone prosthesis is added to the breast and breast recovery is required. Breast mastopexy is more difficult than other breast surgeries and it is important that the patient and the doctor decide together.

What happens after breast lift surgery?

After the breast lift procedure, dressing is carried out for 2-3 days. Sports bra is worn after surgery to support the breasts and reduce swelling. Usually, small thin tube resins are placed under the breast tissue. The purpose of the drains is to ensure that leaks that may occur after the operation are more easily thrown out and do not inflame under the tissue. These tubes are removed on the 2nd day after the operation. Oral painkillers after surgery are sufficient. Pain treatment is sufficient for 48 hours. The average length of hospital stay is 1 day. The duration of a patient's return to normal life after breast lift is determined as 7 days.

What Should Be Considered After Breast Lift Surgery?

It is very important that patients avoid intense exercise and heavy lifting during the 4 weeks following surgery. The things to be considered in post-operative controls are reminded to the patient. The surgical area should not come into contact with water for 3 days after the operation. Regular use of painkillers, antibiotics and trace-reducing drugs prescribed to the patient is important for the healing process.

Regular chest exercises and a healthy lifestyle can contribute to a natural breast lift, helping to tone and firm the chest muscles for a more youthful appearance.

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Healing Process After Breast Lift Surgery

There may be swelling and bruises on the breasts for several weeks after the operation. It's normal. Unless swelling in the breasts completely disappears, the results of breast surgery are not understood. Although the incisions are made from invisible places, it is important that these incisions are successfully healed. In addition to the technique applied in the operation, the patient's own skin's tendency to heal and compliance with the recommendations after the surgery play a role in the healing of the incisions.

Among the main recommendations for speeding up the recovery process, it is beneficial for the patient not to smoke and to make diet based on vitamin C and protein. After the operation, special creams are prescribed that allow the reduction of scars and reduce the possibility of developing a raised scar. It is also very important for the patient to use these creams regularly.

Does Postoperative Breast Lift Again?

Breasts with a lively texture do not look like sculptures; because as the age gets older, the skin and tissues in the breast will continue to age in the normal course. However, what will enable the patient to live with fresh breasts for many years is the correct surgical technique and the choice of a prosthesis suitable for the body. Silicones that are too big for the breasts to carry can accelerate sagging with the effect of weight. In order to reduce the sagging to a minimum, the decision made during the inspection process is effective before deciding on the operation. The biggest responsibility in predicting this belongs to the surgeon performing the operation; however, the patient's ability to adapt to such predictions also minimizes the possibility of sagging that may occur.

Breast Lift Surgery Prices

Breast lift prices also vary according to each patient. breast sagging condition, techniques that should be used in surgery, change depending on whether breast enlargement or reduction is performed together Shows.

To determine the exact prices, you should first check with your cosmetic doctor.

Meme dikleştirme

Three Dimensional Simulation Before Breast Lift Surgery

It will provide a live preview of how the breasts will look after each operation with the three-dimensional simulation imaging technique. At this stage, it is possible to have an important idea with lifelike images. Having such an experience prior to the operation not only increases the success of the operation in terms of expectations, but also enables the necessary arrangements to be made in the planning of the operation.

Do not compare yourself with other patients before surgery. Each patient's breast fat, breast tissue and demands are different. The techniques to be applied to each patient are also different. What is important here is primarily health and comfort of life.

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