Under Eye Treatment

Age-related collapse and bruising in the form of under eye treatment is performed for treatment purposes.

What is Under Eye Treatment?

Under eye wrinkle treatment age-related collapse and bruising in the eye area is the treatment of damage in the form.

Dark eye circle treatment options vary, including topical creams, laser treatment for dark circles and dermal fillers, all aimed at reducing the appearance of dark circles under the eyes and improving overall skin tone. The best dark circle treatment can vary from person to person, as it depends on the underlying causes of the dark circles.

Under-eye filler, also known as tear trough filler, is a non-surgical treatment that involves injecting dermal fillers into the under-eye area to reduce the appearance of dark circles, hollows, and wrinkles.

The material used in this process is actually the body Hyaluronic gel is produced as a filling method. Eye the six light fills contain two ingredients. These are hyaluronic acid and poly vitamins Complex. While hyaluronic acid interferes with bruises and bags, poly vitamin also renews skin cells in the long term.

Why is under eye treatment preferred?

Today, both women and men in terms of lifestyle and genetic features problems in detention areas are much more frequent. Especially bruises of detention and collapse of this area lead to an elderly expression. A special lubricant located around the eye to function around the eye layer. In addition, a protective barrier called the orbital septum It is provided. Orbital septum due to genetic characteristics or with advancing age they loosen together and begin to discharge. That's why gaps under the eyes it occurs. This problem also causes a sagging and old age. Therefore This problem is eliminated with the fill of custody light.

How to under eye treatment?

Detention light filling is made easier and more comfortable than other filling techniques. Before the procedure, cream is applied to the skin with anesthetic substance and the numbness of the area Expected. Then the process is started.

In the technique used in this procedure, the needle will come on the bone, not under the skin. is applied. Injection should be given very slowly when filling. The procedure does not cause any pain or pain. Because the cream before the process has been provided. In addition, the content of the filling gel contains anesthetic There will be no pain or pain after the application. Under-eye light filling only is not a special procedure for women. In recent years, too often eye men six light fillers are preferred.

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What should be considered for Under Eye Treatment?

Advantage of this method, which is easy in terms of application and whose effect can be observed immediately The use of hyaluronic acid, because hyaluronic acid is an already existing in the body. substance and easily settles on the skin and melts. But in mind The most important issue to be kept in this process is to choose the right specialist.

Very well-versed in the anatomy of the eye and even the face experienced specialist should be preferred and the quality of the filling to be made care should be taken. The results of hundreds of cheap fillers on the market it is quite scary. Therefore the right substance and experienced expert It is important. The process should not be rushed, even divided into 2-3 times the results visual processing should be continued.

What is the feature Under Eye Treatment?

Aging process to keep skin taut and joints moving hyaluronic acid. In the aging process, this substance starts to decrease. Along with this reduction, skin dryness and wrinkles occur. revenue. The best treatment for under-eye wrinkles depends on factors such as the severity of the wrinkles and individual skin type. Hyaluronic acid is produced in the body and is very necessary for the skin scalp. Substance. It can also be taken from many foods, but medical research suggests that unfortunately it is not enough. That's why external reinforcement to the skin with sufficient hyaluronic acid solution was produced.

It is safer than other synthetic fillers. In the skin and bones, muscles, especially joints. The shape of the injected area for a long time preserves. Detention light filler hyaluronic acid content with light reflection to skin It is a filling technique produced to give back its capacity. Besides hyaluronic acid amino acids, vitamins and minerals in the filler helps restructuring. As a result, light filling of the skin moisture and Increases elasticity, revitalizes and brightens skin. Most importantly the elasticity wins.

How much will it take Under Eye Treatment?

The under eye bags treatment takes about 15 minutes. An anesthetic containing the substance prior to the procedure the skin is numb with the cream and then the process is started. Filling with fine tip swelling or redness after the procedure. you can continue your daily life without stopping. After processing The skin is also relieved by applying short-term ice.

Detention light filling is usually completed in one session. But the crash area If it is too deep, check in accordance with the doctor's advice and retouch for the procedure. recommended.

How Long Is Detention Light Filling Lasting?

Skin type, age and needs of patients may vary. Eye area The effect of detention light filler applied to rejuvenate for 8-12 months is permanent.

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Who applies is Under Eye Treatment?

Under eye surgery is especially for people with bruises, the detention pit is evident ideal operation. In addition, the deterioration of the skin by restructuring the eye It provides great support to the rejuvenation of the environment, detention bruise and the reduction of rings. It should proceed as recommended by the expert. Darker pigmented skin or bruise and In cases where the rings are too advanced, surgical operation may be recommended.

Are there any deterioration or side effects Under Eye Treatment?

Under eye treatment can safely be used to prevent collapse in the detention area. correction, restructuring. Inside the fill hyaluronic acid and the skin of the eye contour increases with the restructuring complex, bruises also have positive effects. It is a persistent procedure and patients are time menun remains.

The most sensitive issue in filling is the application form. Of course the filling content is also safe, quality IOL is. No harm to eyes. To rejuvenate eye area applied The effect of detention light filling lasts up to 8-12 months. After this treatment the person Depending on the sensitivity of the needle locations may hurt slightly, but the next day about there is no sensitivity or scar. After the operation, ice compresses are strictly It should be done.

Unfortunately, the fillers in the market are of poor quality. products When used, it is possible to encounter a filler that remains in the form of mold on the skin. Even Some In cases of colored appearance on the skin may also occur. Therefore reliable persons should be done.

Who Should Not Be Filled With Under Eye Treatment?

- Pregnant and nursing mothers, although there is no side effect of filling not recommended
- People with coagulation disorders are likely to cause bleeding in the skin for not recommended.
- Thyroid patients, Behcet's disease, immune system diseases such as SLE person to we do not recommend filling.
- Strictly tested before filling to people with high allergies It should be done.
- Not applicable in case of influenza infection.
- It does not apply to children under the age of 12.
- Sensitive to any of the substances contained in the filler person to strongly discouraged.


What should be considered after the under eye treatment?

- Make-up should not be applied within the first 24 hours.
- No hot baths or hot environments are recommended during the first 24 hours.
- Heavy sports, heavy sunshine should be avoided.
- Blood thinners should not be used for the first 3 days.
- The first 3 days should not be massaged.

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